Denah Pameran 2018

In this day and age, the development of industries and technology in Indonesia requires high quality of sustaining materials. We, TOKOHASIL as the supplier of the highest quality and the most comprehensive bolt and nut provider in Indonesia, make an effort to answer the challenges.
We provide more than 30,000 various types of bolt and nut comprises ranges of accessories, along with local and imported products oriented. With a motto of High Quality Product, we ensure the inclusiveness of our products and its quality in addition with professional services and well management of Human Resources as well. Either ways of purchasing direct transaction in store or by phone purchasing will be best served. Moreover, the needs of bolt and nut with particular specification can be fulfilled by TOKOHASIL.
Our journey in serving our customer for the last 40 years has made us more experienced in facing towards Indonesia's market style and behavior. That hard work has been finally paid off, from a small store selling bolt and nut, TOKOHASIL has evolved to grocer company which provides the best bolt and nut almost in all over Indonesia.
However, the improvements which can have been achieved all these years have not made TOKOHASIL satisfied. The company's achievements were accomplished due to hard work and joint effort of all company's sectors. The existing success eve encourages us to keep introspecting inside our self in order to maintain our efforts. At last, the most important point is to fulfill our customer's needs and satisfaction.